Diata Sya
The descendants of Soundjata Keita

Sound Diata Sya sing Reggae-HipHop from Bamako, Mali. For the second time, N'Bee and Chanana released an album produced by Zemsov (Poligamix) and Kourtrajmé Africa.
The new album Djekafo, now available on this website includes featuring of the most famous Malian Hip Hop artist performing in France such as Oxmo Puccino, Mokobé (Mafia K1Fry), Doudou Masta. It also includes artists like the genius Cheik Tidiane Seck, King, Amkoullel, Tata Pound, LE MINISTERE DE L'AMBIANCE. In addition French reggae ragga artists such as Little Franky, Mikee 3000 and the band Equipée Zion had contribute to this album witch is already in the Malian Music Hall of Fame.

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Reggae hip hop from Bamako Underground!